Detailing Packages

Detailing Packages

Our goal is to give the best quality detail for an affordable price, and offer as many services as we can to make your automobile look its best. With over 200,000 vehicles detailed, Executive Detail has been serving the upstate since 1994!

Give us a call today at (864) 370-0900 to find out how we can make your car shine like new! Need paint touch up, or dent & ding repair? We specialize in paint matching repairs.

Most Popular Packages

We've got what you need to make your car shine like new again!

Executive Detail's Optional Service

Anything to make your auto its best!!!
Shampoo Carpet $25 and up
Shampoo Floormats $15 and up
Fabric Protection (Scothchgard) $20 and up
Odor Removal $20 and up
Pull of Seats (2 Front) $20 and up
Shampoo Seats $20 and up
Leather Cleanded/Conditioned $20 and up
Leather Seat Repairs $20 and up
Upholstery Repairs $20 and up
Cigarette Burns Repaired $20 and up
Color Enhancements
Carpet Dye $40 and up
Floor Mats $20 and up
Leather Estimate
Anything to make your auto its best!!!
Acid Rain $20 and up
Windows-Acid Rain Removal $20 and up
Waterspot Removal (Paint) $20 and up
Overspray Removed $20 and up
Bumper Painting $20 and up
Dent Removal $20 and up
Touchup Paint (Nicks) $20 and up
Pinstripe Removal $20 and up
Wet-Sanding (Scrath Removal) $20 and up
Paint Windshield Wipers $20 and up
Undercarriage Undercoatd $20 and up
Wheels Polished (4 Wheels) $20 and up
Trim Painting (Moldings) $20 and up
Moldings Repaired $20 and up
Artiller Mold (Black Spots) $45 and up